Welcome to Pollstaker Terms of Use.

Pollstaker is an online community of students and educational  scholars worldwide. We build technologies and services that enable students and people in the educational sector to connect with each other, share information about scholarships, grants, admissions, students life, visa applications etc.

Our Terms of Use will guide how you use Pollstaker products, features, apps, services, technologies and software. We do not charge users (students and scholars) for our products and services covered by these Terms. Businesses, schools and organisations pay us to display you ads for their products and services.

By using our Products, you agree that we can show you ads that we think will be relevant to you. Pollstaker will use your personal data to help determine which ads to show to you. We don’t and will not sell your personal data to advertisers. We will also not share information that identifies you with advertisers unless you give us specific permission. We rely on the advertisers to inform us on the kind of audience they want to target.

Our Services

We Connect Students and Scholars Around the World

We believe distance should not be a barrier in this modern age. We use our technologies to help students make new friends and build their network.

We provide a platform that supplies Real-Time Information

With students, scholars and even parents online 24/7, there is always new information from different parts of the world.

We Empower Students, Scholars and Parents to express themselves

Our platform allows students, scholars and parents to ask questions, share information about schools, scholarships, admissions, students life etc.

We Help our Users gain access to services and information that will be of benefit to them

Our team is always working out ways to make Pollstaker as useful as possible for the users. We will not display or accept any form of advert that is against our mission.

We Help Institutions Discover the right talents

We help universities, colleges, polytechnics, community colleges etc recruit the right set of students both for admission, scholarships and grants purposes.

We work to protect and support our User community

We work hard to make Pollstaker safe for all our users. We will not hesitate to remove any user who violate our terms and conditions. Users are also given the power and function to block users they consider offensive.


All members of Pollstaker community must be humans who are at least 15 years of age.

Posting and sharing of information far from topics relating to Scholarships, Grants, Admissions, Accommodation, Students Life, Culture, Visas, Institutions or general Educational matters is not allowed.

We make our community as safe as possible for all users; therefore no member of the community is allowed to post or share Pornographic content, images, videos etc on our platform.

Members of our community must not post, share or use abusive or profane language on any person or group in any way.

Our community is open to students, ex-students, teachers, lecturers, parents, scholars, university heads or any person who has interest in the educational sector.