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Education, Tech Jobs and Shopping.

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Welcome to Pollstaker

Pollstaker was launched to help students and scholars around the world receive and share information on scholarships, grants, admissions, visa applications, accommodation etc so as to help them study abroad on scholarships.

Also to help our graduates gain employment after graduation, we launched our tech jobs portal which offers tech jobs and career information for applicants and recruitment services for companies.

Our shopping portal was launched to help students, scholars, parents etc discover stores, shops, supermarkets and restaurants selling at lowest prices in their city.

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Thousands of students, scholars, professionals, institutions, companies and businesses around the world are enjoying our great services. Don’t be left out of the trend, join us today!

Pollstaker-Education, Tech Jobs and Shopping

Save Time and Money

Allow our team handle all the recruitment huddles and select the best talents for you.

Why Top Companies Choose Us?

Rich Database

We have a rich database of highly qualified and zealous talents and professionals around the world.

Skills Management

Our team is made up of highly proficient professionals who are good at talent sourcing and recruitment.


Each dollar or Naira spent on marketing and wise recruitment is a good investment for the company.

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Looking for the right information and guidance on scholarships, grants, jobs, recruitment of best talents for your company or just looking out for shops selling at the lowest prices in your city? Worry no more because we are here to help.

Our mission is to help many students and scholars study abroad on scholarships and grants, assist fresh graduates gain employment in tech companies around the world and also help people  discover shops selling at lowest prices within their cities or towns.

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Education Community

Our platform allows students and scholars from different parts of the world to share information on scholarships, grants, admissions, student life, visa etc.

Jobs Portal

Our job board offers first hand information on available jobs and career opportunities to applicants. We also recruit for businesses and companies.


Our shopping platform collects the lists of shops, stores, restaurants and supermarkets selling at the lowest prices in different cities around the world.

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